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Bewildered beings, twisted by an un wished veil . All their efforts , perhaps, is to resist against the surrounding hurricane that leave only a shadow of them. In a dusty space ,shadows cling to the border of existen ce, whoever loses its stamina, will fading into an endless dark that expecting them at the other side. Shadows and phantoms be seen under the diminishing light, escaping from slits of this filthy house, the rays that could not represent origin of the shadows.

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A colorful breeze is blowing through the frcrnes. uncompleted vi ew of the icons is going to fully blocked by the pressure of the frames. But a different story is narrating by the settlers of these in constant 1Mndows. A deep believe illuminate them to be visible and now at this fragile moment they celebrate their simple life.

زوم اوت

زوم این